zaterdag 30 december 2006

Shelfari Bookshelf

As a software developer, I reguraly buy (and read) books on software development. I've found a website where you can create your 'virtual bookshelf', and I've decided to create one.

On my virtual shelf, you will mostly find books on software development and photography. Not all of my books are already listed, but I will complete my shelf in the near future.
For some books on my shelf, I've written a little opinion about it. If you want to buy a book that I have on my shelf, you can directly go to the website by clicking on a particular book.
If you want to know my opinion on a particular book for which I haven't supplied an opinion yet, do not hesitate to contact me. :)

woensdag 27 december 2006

VS.NET 2005: XML View of a Typed DataSet

Although I'm not a big proponent of (typed) DataSets ~ I rather use custom business classes ~ , I do have to use them every once in a while.

When I use a typed dataset in VS.NET 2003, I always use 'typed DataSet Annotations'.
This is very easily done in VS.NET 2003: you'll have to switch from DataSet view to XML View, and this can easily be done by the handy buttons that you can see in the lower-left corner:

Clicking on 'XML' would give you the XML view of your typed Dataset; simple as that.

A few days ago, I was working in VS.NET 2005, and I wanted to create a typed DataSet ... I wanted to use the 'annotations' like I was used to do in VS.NET 2003.

I was amazed to find out that those handy XML / DataSet View buttons that exist in VS.NET 2003 are gone in VS.NET 2005.
Apparently, Microsoft doesn't like the idea that developers sometimes want to tweak some settings via code instead of via the properties window ? At least, that's how I'm thinking about it.

After some searching, I've found out that it is still possible to get the XML View of a DataSet in VS.NET 2005, but damn, it is very well hidden.
Here's how you can see the XML definition of the DataSet:

  • Right click on the DataSet file

  • You'll see the following context-menu:

    Select the 'Open With option'

  • The following Dialog Box opens:

    Select the 'XML Editor' option

  • Now, you can see the XML View of the DataSet definition

As you can see, in VS.NET 2005, 3 user interactions are needed in order to go to your destination, instead of just a single click in VS.NET 2003.
Not very productive IMHO.

I wonder why Microsoft has removed those buttons that existed in VS.NET 2003...

zaterdag 9 december 2006

Official owners

Since yesterday, my girlfriend and I are the official and proud owners of this piece of Belgium:

Next step: building a house on it.

vrijdag 1 december 2006

High Key

Yesterday, I've been playing around a bit and wanted to create a high-key picture.
I think the result is quite ok. :)

Apart from some 'levels' adjustements in Photoshop, no other modifications have been made.
I've put the lighters on a plexiglass (hence the reflection), and used two elinchrome strobes to make the picture like it is shown here.