donderdag 12 januari 2006

Some of my pictures...

I've been practicing photography for more than one year now, and I'd like to share some of my work with you.

These are 4 pictures I've taken somewhere between september 2004 and may 2005. All of them were shot with a Nikon F55 equipped with a 28-80mm zoomlens. I've used a T-Max 400 ISO film, except for the photo with the karts, which was shot on a T-Max 3200 ISO.

I'd like to hear your comments!

pointing child


karts prepare to start


7 opmerkingen:

PJ. van de Sande zei

I really like the train and the fanfare photo's!

Nice work!

Frederik Gheysels zei

Thx. :)
The fanfare is one of my favourites as well.

Pelle zei

The train photo, very nice!

martha lung zei

Hi. I am using a F55 Nikon Film SlR camera now, quite new with it actually.
I have been shooting mainly with 100ISO film and will like to experiment with 400ISO film.

Just like to check: Does the camera auto-read the ISO of the film? I don't have to manually compensate the exposure right?

Frederik Gheysels zei

Hi martha,

The camera indeed autoreads the ISO of the film. (If it is a 'DX' film, but I guess all 35mm film formats are DX).

martha lung zei

Thanks! Anyway, one last question: I have been using Kodak TMAX ISO100 for b&w shoots. What brand offilm would you recommend? I heard Ilford is good :)

Sorry for troubling you but you seem like someone with alot of experience on film photography!

Frederik Gheysels zei

Ilford is good, but hard to get I'm afraid.

I've always worked with Kodak T-MAX and Kodak Tri-X film (mostly 400ISO). The latter (Tri-X) however, doesn't exist anymore I think. It has been replaced by T-MAX as far as i know.
(And I used Ilford paper to make my prints).

It's been a more then one year ago though that I've photographed with film.