zondag 22 april 2007


When I started this weblog in december 2005, I decided to blog about software development and about photography.

Now, 1 and a half year later, it seems to me that this was not such a good idea; I feel that software engineering and photography do not share the same audience.
Now, you probably think, did it really take you that long to acknowledge this fact ? Well, not really: during the first few months of blogging, the number of photography posts here was pretty low. At this time, I've noticed that 3 out of the 5 last posts were tagged with 'photography', so that's why I've finally decided to split things up.

This will remain my weblog that is focussed on programming (notice that I've changed the name from 'weblog' to 'devlog' as well :) ). Things that are focused on photography will appear on my photolog, so if you're interested, you can have a look there :).

I've choosen Wordpress to host my photo-blog, since Wordpress allows me to import posts from blogger, and that's what I've done: I've imported all the 'photography-tagged' posts from this weblog in my wordpress photo-blog, and translated them to dutch.

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