zaterdag 3 november 2007

Castle Windsor and ActiveRecord

I sometimes read blogposts where people mention Castle Windsor and Castle's ActiveRecord, so I decided to have a little peek at these two projects.

Castle Windsor is an IoC container and ActiveRecord is an implementation of the Active Record pattern which internally uses NHibernate.
These projects look very interesting, and I'd like to make use of them in a little hobby-project before using it in a real-world project

Is there anybody who has used one (or both) of these projects in a real world scenario and who wants to share his (or her) findings ?

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bittercoder zei

I Love the MicroKernel/Windsor products - and have used them in some pretty complex projects (one which had over a 100 assemblies.. yikes!) and it made life so much easier... auto-wiring, the ease of testability it brought, and some of the more complex usages such as decorators chains and interceptors makes building complex interconnected systems easy to managed and maintain.

Personally It's my favourite part of the "Castle project" - definitely worth it's weight in gold, in fact I very seldom work a project that doesn't incorporate the Windsor Container now days.

At any rate, I have a set of links on my wiki:

Which you might find useful, if your going to explore the product further.


- Alex

Frederik Gheysels zei

Thx for your tutorials :)

I will certainly have a look at them when I find some time to play with Windsor again.