maandag 25 augustus 2008

On reading books ....

Davy Brion has made a statement on his blogs in where he states that reading certain development books should be considered as an investment for a software developer.

I fully support that statement.
I have a few books on my shelf that I consider as 'my Software Development Bibles'. These books have -imho- sharpened my skills, broadened my view and helped me to be a better developer.
These books -which I consider to be my bibles- are, in no particular order:

There are lots of other books on software development on my shelf, but I consider the ones above as the ones that have influenced me most.
Books, you can't get enough of them (you still have to read them as well offcourse). There are still some books regarding software-development on my whishlist, and I'm sure that every now and then, another book will be added to it...

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Tobin Harris zei

Nice selection. I think I have all those too :) zei

I completely agree, reading is what we *should* do.

By the way, I found your blog from a discussion you had last year about an xsd for log4net. Just wanted to let you know you can find a link to one on my new blog: