donderdag 29 december 2005

Improving productivity in Visual Studio.NET

John Skeet has written a nice article in where he compares Visual Studio.NET and Eclipse. As we all know, VS.NET 2005 is the first IDE brought to us by Microsoft which gives us built-in refactoring support (finally). While this is a nice improvement, you'll learn from the article that other IDE's still have more to offer then Visual Studio.NET.

John mentionned in his article a tool, called DPack. This is a free VS.NET add-in, which allows you to navigate through your source more quickly.

The add-in offers a 'Solution explorer', which allows you to navigate to a specific class, without scrolling through the solution explorer or the class view.
It just takes one keystroke to bring it up, and by starting typing the name of the type to which you want to go, you can quickly go to the file that contains that type.
There's also a 'Code Browser' which allows you to browse quicker through the current code-file.

DPack also offers some shortcuts which allow you to navigate through your class more efficiently; Alt-Up arrow for instance takes you to the previous method signature, and Alt-Down Arrow brings you to the next method signature.

I've tried the VS.NET 2003 version on a fairly large solution at work, and it performs quite well.

Oh, it is also able to tell you how many code-lines and comment-lines your project contains.

2 opmerkingen:

PJ. van de Sande zei

Thanks for the tip for the tool, DPack.
I really love the Solution Browser. Hope it will word in Visual Studio 2005 as quickly as it works in Visual Studio 2003.

Only the installer just replaces the config file for some mappings, so other tools/addins that uses this file must be configurate again.

PJ. van de Sande zei

All the mapped shotcut's are also gone after installing DPack. So backup your key mappings or don't intall the DPack Keyboard Mapping Schema.