zondag 5 maart 2006

Formula One: The new season is coming...

At last, after a long winter of F1-less Sundays, the new Formula 1 season will start next sunday.
I find it always interesting to see during the first race of the year which teams have done their home-work, and will be the teams to beat during the season.
I bet that, for the 2006 season, Renault and Honda will be the favorites for the World Championship with Ferrari and McLaren on their heels.

Who will be world champion ? Will Alonso extend his title, or is Schumacher able to fight back ? Can Raikonnen, who has been close to catch the title last year and in 2003, finally clinch the championship ?
However, I think that Jenson Button also has a chance to win some races this year...

All questions that will be answered during the next months, and the first race in Bahrein should already give a strong indication of who holds the best cards.

Anyway, I'll be supportering for Kimi Raikonnen and Jacques Villeneuve. I just like the driving style of these 2 guys.
I hope that it will be an interesting season, with a lot of exciting duels on the track.

To get into the F1-mood, here (18mb) is a video-clip of one of the most exciting duels in F1 history.
This video shows the last 3 laps of the 1979 French Grand Prix which was held in Dijon. René Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve are contending for 2nd place. René Arnoux is driving a Renault Turbo (with a defect Turbo), while Villeneuve is driving an atmospherical Ferrari with worn out tires. (You'll see the reason for those worn out tires...). The commentary is from the legendary Murray Walker.

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