maandag 6 maart 2006

Troubles with Visual Sourcesafe, looking for alternatives

Today, I've encountered some rather unpleasant moments with Visual Sourcesafe. Around 4 o'clock, it appeared that my VSS repository was corrupt. :(
Trying to restore the latest backup didn't succeed as well, since there was a problem with that tape. :(

This means I had to use the backup of last thursday... Luckely, after some extra work, I've been able to restore most of my work.

However, I do not want to experience these problems again, so, just like Sam Gentile, I'm going to ditch VSS, and look for an alternative.

At this moment, I've 2 options in my mind:

  • SubVersion

  • Sourcegear's Vault

Some time ago, I've downloaded a trial version of Vault, and it looked ok to me. However, I've heard that it doesn't integrate very well in VS.NET (haven't tried that yet).
On the other hand, we have Subversion, however, I haven't worked with it before.

Anybody who has experience with one of these 2 systems and wants to share his/her opinion ?

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Dimitri zei

Another alternative is CVS. There are also many GUI's for it, such as: CVSNT

Dimitri The Great zei

Another alternative is CVS. You can find some explanation for integrating CVS with here:

Anoniem zei

Vault works nice ... (at least thats what my company code monkeys tell me) and from an admins side it's easy to maintain and restore...

Frederik Gheysels zei

SVN (Subversion) was created as a CVS-killer.
SVN is meant to be a better CVS.

NicoleW zei

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Frederik Gheysels zei

Here's a list of some disadvantages of Visual SourceSafe

Paul zei

I've used both Vault and Subversion. Subversion is a great free alternative, and you can get all the niceties such as slick VS integration with Vault. Subversion does offer VS and Windows Explorer integration, too, but I like the VS experience of Vault better. It basically comes down to evaluating your needs and your budget.