maandag 7 augustus 2006

New photography toy!

I was planning to blog about this, but I constantly postponed it until I almost forgot about it. And how could I forget this...

After years of using only a film-camera, I've finally decided to go digital. Well, I'm not really telling the truth here, since I already own a digital compact camera since 2003.
Anyway, I finally decided to buy a digital SLR camera. Since I already have a Nikon F55 film SLR, the choice was easy: my digital SLR would also be a Nikon.
After reading some reviews and testing different models, I've made a decision on the model as well: it would be a Nikon D200.

I've ordered the camera in May 2006, and I got it in my hands in the first week of July 2006.

I have the D200 now for about one month, and it is a great camera. I've done about 1000 shots in past month, and although I've already achieved some satisfying results, I feel that I haven't unleashed its full potential yet.
I hope that I'll be able to show the progress I make by regularly posting a photo here on my blog.

Here you see my F55 film camera next to the D200. Quite a difference in size!
Image taken with a compact digital camera

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Valentijn zei

*looking very very jealous*

pierre du coin zei

Nu begrijp ik waarom men mijn canon powershot A700 een compactcamera noemt!