zondag 6 augustus 2006

This is the end....

... of my holiday.
The last day of my holiday is coming to an end. This means that, as from tomorrow, I'll be spending most of my time behind my workstation at work, developing in .NET.

I've had a nice 3 weeks of vacation wich have passed very fast, which is a good sign: it means that I haven't bored myself. :)
My girlfriend and I made a trip to Spain, continued our search for a suitable and affordable piece of terrain where we could build a house. Hopefully, that quest will come to an end soon, because it becomes quite exhausting.

Next to that, I've read some books, and I've continued reading Applying Domain Driven Design and Patterns, and so far, I find it a very good book.

I've also spent some time preparing for a session about Unit Testing and Test Driven Design wich I'm planning to do in the near future at work.
I hope to finish those preparations very soon, so that I can concentrate on the next episode of my blog article regarding Domain Driven Design.

I think I can say that the past 3 weeks were well spent, and I'll be ready to get back to work with a fresh, relaxed mind.

3 opmerkingen:

P.J. van de Sande zei

Good to read you had a great time!

Where will you preform the TDD session and will you share it here as well?

Frederik Gheysels zei

The TDD session will be held in a meeting room @ work. :)

I don't know yet if I'll share it here. Probably not.

P.J. van de Sande zei

Why not only sharing the slides of the session, they are mostly wothless without the speaker but sometimes it can bring up good discussions!